Our team at UConn

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Dimitris Xygalatas, Director
Dr. Xygalatas received his PhD in from the Institute of Cognition and Culture at Queen's University Belfast. He has since held positions at the universities of Princeton (USA), Aarhus (Denmark), and Masaryk (Czech Republic), where he served as Director of the Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion.
His research primarily focuses on cultural practices that soothe, excite, unite and divide humans, such as ritual, sports, and music. He has conducted several years of fieldwork in Southern Europe and Mauritius, where he developed integrative methodologies for studying human behavior and cognition by combining ethnographic and experimental methods.

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Gabriela Pinto, Graduate Researcher
Gabriela is a doctoral student at the Department of Psychological Sciences at UConn and a researcher at the Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action and the Experimental Anthropology Lab. Her research focuses on leisure-time physical activity and behavior, collective action, and complex and intentional dynamic systems.

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Peter Ma┼ło, Fulbright Fellow
Peter is a doctoral student at Comenius University and the Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion at Masaryk University. He is currently a Research Fellow in residence at the Experimental Anthropology Lab. His work focuses on the behavioral ecology of ritual behavior.

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Michelle Reed, Graduate Researcher

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Christopher Manoharan, Graduate Researcher

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Vitor Leandro da Silva Profeta, Ph.D. in Psychological Sciences

Undergraduate researchers

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Celise Brown

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Qianqian Yang

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Aia Ahmed Kattaya

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Rachel Tshonas

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Min Kim

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Haley Collins

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Lana Jade Delasanta

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Katharine Morris

Ericka Bailey

Briana Genarelli


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Martin Lang
Harvard University

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Emily Post
University of Utah

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Anika Obasiolu
UMass Medical School

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Sidra Khatri

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Evin Bell

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Thomas Cariseo

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Armani Porter
University of Notre Dame

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Elizabeth Santana

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Abdul Gadoush

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Ryan McGlynn

Our team in Mauritius

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Manesha Soneea
BA, MA in Social Sciences, University of Mauritius

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Nethi Chunwan
BA in Social Sciences
University of Mauritius

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Tatteea Priya
BCOM in banking & finance
Telfair Institute

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Laura Meunier
MA in Social Sciences
University of Mauritius

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Avishkar Soneea
BA in Law
University of Mauritius

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Mehreen Rughony
Bsc in Social Work, Msc in Development Studies University of Mauritius