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Why we love holiday rituals and traditions
by Dimitris Xygalatas

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The Power of Ritual
TEDx talk by Dimitris Xygalatas

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Pain Really Does Make Us Gain
by Maria Konnikova

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by Pam Belluck, New York Times

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Threat of divine punishment makes people more generous
Lizzie Wade, Science News

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Dimitris Xygalatas Interviewed by Thomas Coleman

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By Drake Baer, in New York Magazine

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Trial by fire
by Dimitris Xygalatas

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The Perennial Power of Ritual
by Dimitris Xygalatas

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By James Surowiecki, The New Yorker

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Martin Lang Interviewed on Verge of Discovery

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Dimitris Xygalatas Interviewed by Simon Davis

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Dimitris Xygalatas' Interview in SNOB Magazine (Russia)

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by Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times

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Peter Mano's interview in Slovak newspaper Denník N

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Are religious people more moral?
by Dimitris Xygalatas

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Dimitris Xygalatas on the Daily Planet Show, Discovery Channel

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The Psychology of Ritualized Suffering
by Dimitris Xygalatas

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An Anxious Moment Makes People Clean Obsessively
by Elizabeth Preston, Discover Magazine

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by Christine Dell'Amore, National Geographic

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The Puzzle of Extreme Rituals
by Sheila Foran, UConn Today

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Dimitris Xygalatas' Interview in El Mundo (Spain)